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ShareFile - Serving Productions

After the production export completes to the XFER shortcut (Monthly) or D: drive (Private Cloud) right click on the production and choose 7-Zip - Add to archive….IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ZIP THE FILE PRIOR TO UPLOAD TO SHAREFILE


Confirm the file name of the zip file, confirm format and enter a password if desired.


Open ShareFile from the shortcut on the desktop:


Drag the zip file of the production to the folder on ShareFile to uploadmceclip3.png

When the upload completes select the zip file and click Share


Select the method to be used to send the file. Two options available:


When selecting Get a Link 

Simply select Copy Link and paste into the email serving the production or select Edit Link Options for additional options including to be notified when the file has been accessed and to change the ShareFile default from requiring a login to anyone to access.


Email with Citrix ShareFile allows for the files to be sent directly from ShareFile. Click on Edit Message Options to set expiration dates,  send a copy of the email to yourself, etc.