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Production - Workflow

To prepare documents for production outside of Digital WarRoom, select the documents in review and right click – send to – production or CTRL+Search to send your entire filter set to a production draft.

Switch to the DRAFTS section of the tool by selecting the Drafts menu:


Production steps are available by a top level menu or a right click menu on each production.  The initial step is to “prepare production” to image all documents to be produced as image and associate the natives with all documents to be produced as natives.


The first time “prepare” is applied to a production set the tool will proceed through the Production Settings for the production specifications to be set.  Production Settings is also available on the menus should modifications be needed. Select Apply to begin the process.

While each of these phases are ongoing the “View Jobs” button displays the progress of the action.

Modifications to the production are available on an individual document by right clicking in the grid screen of the tool and accessing the document level menu. Preparing the production must be ran after making modifications from this menu before the production can proceed.


Once the production is prepared, sort the draft by the PAGES field and confirm each document has a page count greater than one.  Any blank or zero page counts will need to be flagged for reconversion and the preparation process ran again.  Also check the Error column.  For any documents with an error for which the Triaging Production Problems section of the User’s Guide will provide more information.


Only after all documents are prepared and have a page count greater than 1 will the endorsement phase begin.  During this phase the numbering, confidential designations and redactions are burned onto the images.

Once the endorsements are complete the production will be finalized and moved to the Productions filter in Review where it can be exported.

Choose which option is needed, if any, for text to be included with the production.


For text searchable PDF productions choose the Make production images searchable option.


For traditional Images/Natives/Text exports choose the Extract and save text option.  Once the text option is completed the production can be exported.

To export the production for delivery to the receiving party, right click on the production and choose Export production….

Select the required fields for the metadata to be supplied (BegBates, EndBates, BegAttach, EndAttach are the standard minimum to be included) and the format for the export (images or PDF) and if text is included.

If production requires single page TIFF images select the Export lower resolution images for the documents to be converted to TIFF images. Once the export is complete the export location will open for QC.  Confirm the Images folder contains the number of exported pages, OCR contains the number of export documents and load files are present.