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SQL Express Installation for Use with PRO

SQL Express is required for DWR to operate in your environment. We recommend you download the free version at this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=101064 


After the download of the program is complete, confirm you have full permissions on the machine and right click select Run as administrator.

Choose “Custom” option for the install:

Keep the default location for the install and select install.

Next the Install Wizard will appear select the “New SQL Server sand-alone installation”

The installation will begin with several pages of selections to be made.

Select “use Microsoft Update to check for updates”

 The next screen will confirm updates:

On the Feature Selection UNCHECK all but the Database Engine Services in the top set of boxes.

On the Instance Configuration screen select the Default Instance

The defaults on the Server Configurations screen do not need to be modified:

For Database Engine Configuration confirm Windows authentication mode is selected and that you appear as a user.  If not select “Add Current User”.

Install will begin and may take several minutes to process through the steps.

Finally a Complete screen will appear noting everything was installed.

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