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Review Policy

Based on a large amount of user feedback, Policy is now consistent for an entire matter.  This means all of Review will reflect the current settings each time policy is reapplied. The one exception, anything with a Bates number is never suppressed from review (even if the documents do not meet the current policy).

DeDup Options allow review to be set to include only one copy of each document across the entire matter, dedupe the files within each collection or not to dedupe and review all documents.


Include only longest threads will remove from review any email for which there are additional forwards/replies.  Any intermediate email with an attachment not appearing in the final thread will remain in review.

Include previously removed documents will be used when documents have been removed and need to be placed back into review (to undo any of the options below).


Once the policy is applied modifications can be made using the filter options in Review to achieve specific results per collection/custodian.

To dedup  collections or custodians 

  • In review place the contents of the data set into a binder (multiple collections/custodians to be de-dupped)
  • Right click on binder and choose Binder Properties and de-dup
  • Select the binder and  search "include families" placing the family members back into the binder
  • Exclude the contents of the binder and filter on the data set by double clicking on the binder
  • The duplicates from that data set will now appear in the filter tree and can be removed from review. Removing From Review

The above screen shot examples where Custodian Desktops and Emails were placed in a DeDup Test binder and then the binder Dedupped.  Excluding the binder and including the Custodian Desktops collection will bring into the filter screen all duplicates that were in the Custodian Desktops and also in the Email collection.  The resulting filter set is then eligible to be removed from the matter if not needed to review (select all - right click - document properties - remove from review.  


To Modify the Date Range In Review

Select the collection(s)/custodian(s) to which the date filter needs to be applied.  Under More Filters is the Date option.  Once the Grid Screen displays the documents with the date criteria to be excluded from the matter select all - right click - document properties - remove from review or delete from matter.