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Production - Properties and Organization

Data loaded with load files (.opt, .dat. etc) is processed via the Manage Collections section of the tool and appears as a Collection in review.  The collection structure is created by the User in a format to support the work flow of the review team.

In the example below Bad Guys Productions are organized by the sub-collections labeled by the date the documents were produced.

During processing the Bates range is extracted from the load files and a sub-collection is created under Productions in the filter tree.  This allows for two separate organization structures for data provided by load files.

During processing all OPTs can be loaded into the same collection (Bad Guy Productions) as the tool will make a separate entry for each OPT in the Productions filter.

Documents produced using Digital WarRoom also have an entry under Productions with the default group being the "client" name in the database.

To modify the Production Title, Provider, Bates Range and a Description in the Productions filter right click on the volume to be modified and select Properties.

The Production Title, Provider, Bates Range and a Description are available for modification.

To remove an entry from the Productions filter right click and select Abandon Production.  This action will not delete the data from the collection and only removes the reference to the data in the Productions filter.

When documents are loaded with a load file but are not produced documents (such as scanned paper files) after processing the Bates numbers are removed from DWR.  To remove associated Bates numbers to documents which were not produced, right click on the Bates prefix in the filter tree and select Remove Bates prefix.

Confirm the selection:

The XREF column and Bates column will be updated and the blue flags will no longer appear.  The set will be removed from the Productions filter but remain in collections.