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Redaction - Applying to Documents

Important: Before redactions are applied the document must be imaged. When the document has been imaged, the image tab will appear in the Document Browser:


To create an image of a document, right-click on the document in the Document List and select "Image document".


Redaction Steps:

Right click on the document in the Document List and select “Flag for redaction”

By clicking on “Flag for redaction” the redaction tool button is activated on the Image tab:

Click on the Redactions tool button to use the mouse to outline the section(s) of the document to be redacted. A transparent shaded box is created over the selected section(s) of the document:

The Redact State column in the Document List updates to Pending:

To customize the appearance of the redactions, click the Redaction Settings button ( ) to open a window allowing these settings to be configured. The text is set for the entire matter.

Use the Reset button to return to the default values.

To Edit a redaction, right click on the redaction to access the redaction edit options (here the text on an individual redaction can be edited):

Redactions will remain as a shaded box until approved.

To approve a document with a Pending redaction state, select the document in the Document List, right-click and select Approve redaction.

The Redact State column of the Document List updates to Approved:

Once approved the document will reflect the selected text as a Redaction: 



Redaction Log:

Comments entered in the Redaction Log Comment box at the bottom of the image appear on the Redaction Log which can be found on the Matter menumceclip0.png