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Redaction - Applying to Documents

Important: Before redactions are applied the document must be imaged. When the document has been imaged, the image tab will appear in document in the Document Browser:


To create an image of a document, right-click on the document in Current Docs list and select "Image document for redaction".

Redaction Steps:

  1. Flag for redaction:

Right click on the document in the Current Docs list and select “Flag for redaction”

By clicking on “Flag for redaction” the redaction tool button will be activated:

  1. Applying redactions.

Click on the Redactions tool button and use the mouse to outline the section(s) of the document to be redacted. A transparent shaded box is created over the selected section(s) of the document:

The Redact State column in the Current Docs list will now be set to Pending:

Note: To customize the appearance of the redactions, click the Redaction Settings button ( ) to open a window allowing these settings to be configured. The text is set for the entire matter.

Use the Reset button to return to the default values.

3. Edit Redactions

Right click on the redaction to access the redaction edit options (here the text on an individual redaction can be edited):

4. Approve Redactions

Redactions will remain as a shaded box until approved.

To approve a document with a Pending redaction state, select the document in the Current Docs list, right-click, then select Approve redaction.

The Redact State column of the Document List will now be set to Approved:

Once approved the document will reflect the selected text as a Redaction: 



Redaction Log:

When comments are entered in the Redaction Log Comment box which appears at the bottom of the image a Redaction Log which can be found in the Reports section: