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Reviewing Documents

The DWR interface diveds into sections - Filter Tree- Document List - Document Browser

Select the desired filter critira such as Binders, Collections, Custodians, or Productions on the filter tree and click the search button at the bottom of the screen to apply the choices and pull up the resulting documents.

To the right of the search button use the drop down arrow to choose Search with Families, to create a Save Search, or Create Assignments.

Once the Search button has been selected, the Document List displays the fielded data for the documents which meet the filter criteria.

The Document List is customized for each reviewer by right clicking on any column header and selecting the Field Chooser.  From the Field Chooser select those columns needed for review.  The column layout is specific for each reviewer.

Clicking any header will sort the Document List by that header (i.e. Date will put the results in chronological order). Hold down the CTRL key and select additional headers to add to the sort (i.e. by Date - by Family).

From the Right Click menu reviewers apply Mark, Issues, add to binders and add Comments to the documents.  By holding down the SHIFT key, rows in the list are selected in sequence (CTRL + click for out of sequence) for the work product to be applied in bulk.

Another method for applying work product on an individual document is by the Work Product Inspector available on the Review menu (or CTRL+SHIFT+W).

By making a selection in the Work Product Inspector the Marks, Issues or Comments are instantly applied and saved for that document.

For documents marked privileged, a privilege basis becomes active for the privilege log.

To add documents to a Binder from the right click menu in the Document List select Add to binder… to add to an existing binder or create a new binder.

Additional documents added to the binders and the tool will report if the documents are already in the binder creating a single set of documents to review or export.

When accessing DWR from our servers please Signout at the end of your review session by selecting the Start Menu – your profile – Signout.