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Privilege Log Creation

Privilege Log entries are populated while reviewing documents using the Work Product Inspector or the Work Product Palette. The Privileged Basis is only available for documents for which a privilege type mark has been applied.  

With the Work Product Inspector, once a document has been marked with a privileged type mark, use the drop down to select a Privilege Basis or free type into the available note field.

The Work Product Pallet allows for the application of the Privilege Basis to a set of documents by highlighting the associated rows in the grid screen and selecting the Privilege Basis from the Work Product Pallet.

Modifying the Priv Basis Drop Down

The Priv Basis dialog configures the drop down of available reasons why a particular document has been marked with a privileged-type Mark.

From the Matter menu, select Priv Basis:


In the Privilege Basis dialog type a new Basis or modify the existing entries.

To edit an existing entry overwrite the appropriate fields with new values.

To add a new privilege basis, click the TITLE field in the row with the asterisk next to it and provide values for the SEQ and TXT fields as well. Click the Apply button.

To delete a privilege reason, select the row by clicking row selector box to the left of the row and hit the Delete key on you keyboard:

Viewing the Privilege Log

The Matter menu contains a list of all of the available Reports in DWR. Click on Privilege Log:


This report will retrieve documents in review which are marked with a privilege-type Mark If a document is retrieved but has not yet been saved to the Privilege Log, its row will appear gray:

To export the Privilege Log, click the Export button in the bottom right corner of the screen.