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Production - Revising After Finalized

At times a finalized production will need to be revised.  Common occurrences are the addition of a confidential designation or modification of redacted documents.

In the filter tree select the Production and choose “Return production to Drafts…”


Confirm in ALL caps that indeed the production needs to be returned to Drafts

Once in the Draft view of the tool, modify the production as needed.  As long as no pages are added (re-image a document and it results in a high page count) and the production is not re-sequenced (Tools – Resequence Production) the BATES number will not change on your production.

To modify or add a POD (Protective Order Designation) select the desired documents (or CTRL+A to select All).  Right Click and choose POD – the desired POD.

To modify or remove redactions on a document, right click and un-approve the redaction.

To remove all redactions select the Remove All Redactions Button


Then right click and un-flag the document for redaction.

When all changes are complete right click on the production and run the Endorse Production and Finalize the production.