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Productions - Bates Gaps - How to Resolve


Multiple options are available to resolve Bates gaps upon receiving the report at finalizing a production. Note the Bates number of the first gap for later use.

Before a production is finalize each document must be endorsed.  The Production State filter is used to confirm all endorsements.


When a Bates Gap is identified, sort the production by pages and identify those documents with a page count less than 1.  These documents cannot be endorsed until the page count is a positive number. Flag for re-conversion and prepare the production.  Check the Error column and resolve any errors.

Confirm the REDACT STATE for all documents reads Approved. Documents in a Flagged or Pending state will cause a Bates gap alert as they cannot be endorsed.

When all documents have a positive page count and a proper redaction state, note the Bates number referenced in the DWR warning message.  Sort by sequence and right click on the document above this Bates number where the gap is noted and select "Clear Bates Numbers from Here Down".   Endorse the production and confirm all documents endorsed.


Alternatively, right click the production to Resequence the production "Tools - Re-Sequence production".  This will clear all the bates information for the entire production set. 

Once you have Resequenced the Production, right click on the Production again and choose Endorse production.