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Production - Creating Images Outside DWR

At times data requires manual interaction to be imaged.  This often occurs with Word documents which are in Recovery Mode or have small print margins or with emails which link out to external content which exceed the allowed print time in Digital WarRoom.  An alternate process is used for imaging when facing these scenarios.

There are two methods for creating the images.

First simply click on the print icon in the Document Browser or right click and choose Print if a print icon is not available.


Next, choose the Digital WarRoom Printer from the drop down menu:


Confirm the print settings (auto rotate, print all pages etc).  Name the tiff image and save to a location you can locate from within DWR:



When a print option is not available in the Document Browser export the document from Digital WarRoom using the Export Documents feature under the Tools menu or CTRL+E:

Double click to open the document outside of DWR with the program assigned for that document (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF Exchange etc).  From that program select PRINT and print to the Digital WarRoom printer as above.  This step is necessary for items that need manual interaction such as confirming print margins etc.


Once the TIFF image is created go back to Digital WarRoom and flag the document for re-conversion.  This step MUST be taken first to re-set the imaging of the document in Digital WarRoom and to maintain your replaced document.  

After flagging for re-conversion,go to Tools - Replace Document to replace the pre-production image

Once you have replaced the image, the “prepare  production….” step must be run to associate this new image with this Production.

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