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Processing - Getting Documents from Google Takeouts

  1. Go to Google Takeout
  2. From the Google Takeout settings page select which types of data to include and review which services will be included in the export.    
  3. The default setting selects all items from a very extensive list, even those which may not contain data; use the ‘Deselect all’ option and only check the data that may apply to your requirements. The most common data requested are Google Docs and Google Mail.  Some accounts may have Google Hangouts Messaging or other data to consider.  Google Docs can be filtered further to include or exclude selected subsets.
  4. When the Takeout request includes Email AND any other data format, we highly recommend to FIRST complete a Takeout of the Gmail and then a second takeout for the Google Docs, Hangouts, and other data.   This will enable some data transfer and processing efficiencies.
  5. For Mail, please select the ‘Messages and attachments in your Gmail account in MBOX format.’ option.   Some accounts may allow you to select individual ‘folders’  from your Google Mail account using the ‘All Mail data included’ icon and check certain items.    
  6. Choose the preferred method of downloading the archive. This can be a download link sent to an email address, or a file added to your Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box account.  Select the 'Send download link via email'.
  7. For data sent to a non-Google service, an email will be sent with a link to your data on that service. 
  8. Select whether this will be a one-time archive, or a recurring process ... this is a one-time preservation generally.
  9. Google will prompt for the archive to be compressed into .zip or .tgz filetype — always best to take the .zip file — and how large you want your backup files to be. If there is too much data to fit into the size you've set, Google will make multiple backup files to fit everything; typically, 2GB or 4GB file sizes are more convenient. 
  10. Google will begin archiving the data and provide it in the selected format. This process can take a while, depending on how much data you are backing up.
  11. The completion message reports the archive process can take hours, or even days, to complete.
  12. After the Google Mail Takeout has started, return to the beginning and Takeout Google Docs, Hangouts, and any other data as a second operation.
    NOTE: The requesting party may forward you the email with the link to download directly to the DWR server using the web browser when logged into your DWR session.