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Secure Data Transfer - Monthly Matters

Move data securely into and out of the Digital WarRoom environment using the Secure Data Transfer tool (Xfer) provided by DWR - One username and password is assigned to each organization not to each matter.

Create a zip file of the data to be uploaded by right clicking a folder and selecting Send to...Compressed Zip File.  We also recommend the use of 7Zip ( which is a free zipping tool.


To upload data to the Digital WarRoom Server:

Once logged in simply drag and drop your data:


For very large data sets we recommend using an FTP client such as FileZilla for which the host address is ftps://

Once data has been successfully uploaded to the server it will appear in the xfer icon on the DWR remote desktop:

Open the icon to access the transferred data ready to be processed securely into DWR.


When exporting productions out of DWR securely using the Secure Data Transfer tool (Xfer) type the location to be \\eft\(USERNAME) in the Destination Directory.


The same for exporting documents or sets of documents:

After the export is complete right click on the production volume or folder to compress (Send to..compressed zip file or use 7Zip).  Compressing the data will increase the download speed significantly on larger data set.


From your local machine access the Secure Data Transfer tool using at

Select the zip file housing the production and go to the black bar across the top of the screen to choose the download option:

The folder or file is downloaded to the selected location on the local machine or network for distribution to opposing counsel using email or another tool.

Digital WarRoom purges data from the XFER after approximately 60 days and therefore we do not recommend this to be used for long term storage of data. Once data has been processed into the database or downloaded for delivery, we recommend it be deleted from the XFER folder.