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Creating A Privilege Log

Privilege Log entries can be populated while reviewing documents using the Work Product Inspector. The Privileged Metadata tab is only available for documents for which a privilege type mark has been applied.  

To open the Work Product Inspector, go to Tools at the top of the screen and choose Work Product Inspector:

Use the Privileged Metadata tab in the Work Product Inspector to log information that will be included in a Privilege Log Report.

Important:  You must enter and save privilege information for it to enter the Privilege Log Report.  Simply marking the document with a Privilege-type Mark will not enter it into the Privilege Log.

In the Author field, type the appropriate author.

Note: The Author/Recipients/Date fields are auto-populated only if the corresponding metadata was extracted from the document. The populated values can still be edited as needed.

In the To and CC fields, click the arrow at the right and choose appropriate values from the drop-down list that appears. You can also freely type in these fields.

In the Privilege field, enter the type of privilege you wish to assert. You can select pre-defined privilege types by clicking the drop-down at the right. (See Privilege Log Settings for more information about pre-defining privilege types.)

In the Date field, click the arrow at the right to open the calendar function, where you can click a date to overwrite the one that appears in Date field, or you can type the date.

In the Reason for Privilege field, click the arrow at the right and select a reason from the drop-down list that appears. Alternatively, you can freely edit the Reason for Privilege text area.  (See Privilege Log Settings for more information about pre-defining privilege reasons.)

When you are finished, click the Save button at the bottom right.

Privilege Log Settings

The Priv Settings dialog allows you to configure “canned” Privilege Log descriptions indicating why a particular document has been marked with a privileged-type Mark. In addition, you can specify short codes indicating the type of privilege being asserted on a given document.

These settings affect the values available in the Privilege Log.

1.From the Settings menu, select Priv Settings:

The Priv Settings pop up box will appear:

2.The Reasons tab shows the “canned” reasons for privilege.

3.To edit a privilege reason, overwrite the appropriate fields with new values.

4. To add a new privilege reason, click the TITLE field in the row with the asterisk next to it and provide values for the SEQ and TXT fields as well. Click the Apply button.




5.To delete a privilege reason, select the row by clicking row selector box to the left of the row and hit the Delete key on you keyboard:

6. You can also edit the privilege types by selecting the Types tab and adding, editing, deleting privilege types:


Viewing the Privilege Log

Go to the Analysis Tab and click on Reports:


You will then see a list of all of the available Reports in DWR. Click on Privilege Log:

This report will retrieve documents in review which are marked with a privilege-type Mark If a document is retrieved but has not yet been saved to the Privilege Log, its row will appear gray:

To export the Privilege Log, click the Export button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Note: Only documents which have been saved to the Privilege Log will be included in a Privilege Log export; documents merely marked privileged but not actually saved to the log (i.e. rows appearing in gray in the Privilege Log Report) will not be included in the export.