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Re-Producing Redacted Documents

A redacted document which is part of a finalized production has a locked image.  Should the document need to be re-produced without redactions, or with modified redactions, the image will have to be released.

Production not yet served:

If the production has not yet been served and modifications need to be made, simply return the production to the DRAFT section of the tool to make your modifications.

To make modifications to the redacted documents, once returned to drafts right-click and choose “Un-approve redaction” and then make the necessary modifications.  Run the Prepare Production and Endorse Production to burn the redactions to the image.

Finalize the production as usual remembering to OCR the redacted documents and choose “Replace Existing OCR”.

Previously served production:

If the production has already been served, or if the modified redacted document is being included in a new production or provided in camera without redactions, a new version of the redacted document can be created.

Add the document from Review to a new Draft production which will unlock the image and allow the reviewer to modify or clear all the redactions in the DRAFTS view of the tool.  The document can then be produced as a new version of the document.  




The REVIEW side of the tool will only display one version of the document.  Should a reviewer need to work with a specific version a document that has been produced multiple times the PRODUCED view of the tool will allow for multiple versions of the same document to be displayed and exported.