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Loading Documents with Load Files

Documents produced from other eDiscovery platforms are delivered in a format which includes “load files”.  These files instruct the database where each document begins and ends.

When documents are produced in this format you will have a series of folders often labeled DATA, IMAGES, NATIVE, OCR depending on the contents of the production.  The documents MUST be kept in this folder structure and all available on the server for the load files to accurately import the data.

The OPT or LFP load file will be located in the DATA folder:

To add documents to a matter, create a Collection:

If the production is in a zip or container, first extract all files from the container.

Switch to the Process menu:

Right-click on the "Collections" node or an existing collection and select New Collection.

A new collection node appears in the collection tree and is editable.



Drag and drop the lfp or opt file onto an existing collection node in the collections tree OR drag and drop onto the imports grid. The Add Documents interface will appear.


Imports of data from load files may necessitate the option to de-select “expand containers” if the data provided by the producing party has containers not intended to be produced as separate documents.  For example, when Excel files have embedded documents which upon expanding become an unintended produced document without a Bates number.


If your DATA folder also contains a load filed labeled as a DAT extension, please see the section on overlaying metadata: