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Processing - Downloading from a link directly to DWR server

When data is produced or provided through a link to an internet site, the data should be downloaded directly to the DWR Server.

Log into the DWR Server and launch Google Chorme (or the preferred internet browser – if one is not available Internet Explorer is available on all machines and can be used to download browser).  

The default download location will need to be modified to direct the download to the proper place.

In Google Chrome – go to the Settings by clicking the button in the top right of the application.


Click on Downloads on the left side of the screen:


In the  Downloads section and either turn on “Ask where to save each file before downloading” or change the location to the preferred place on the D drive or your eft location (\\eft\USERNAME)

Once this change has been made any link can be accessed and the data downloaded directly to the DWR server avoiding the downloading to a local site and uploading via the XFER.