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Secure Data Transfer - Sharing Data Directly with Receiving Party

To securely transfer and share data with other parties or clients, create a folder in which to place the data on the DWR remote environment EFT shortcut (monthly matters) or FTP folder on D drive (private cloud) and place the zip file(s) in this folder.  This folder is linked the Secure Data Transfer tool.



Login to and select the folder under My Folders and click the Share Folder icon.


Enter email addresses of those with whom the folder will be shared. Do not include emails from your location.  Assign the permission level for those receiving this notice.  For example, a client may have all permission but opposing counsel may only need download permission.

Enter a message if desired and select notifications and expiration option.

Click Share to receive a notice that the workspace has been created and the folder has been shared. Alert the receiving party of an incoming message as spam filters may block this message.

The receiving party will receive a notification to view the folder

After selecting “view folder” the receiving party must register an account and verify the account. (There is no cost to register)

The receiving party will then be able to select the data and download.  This folder can be maintained for the life of the litigation for use in delivering of productions or receiving of data from a client.