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Migrating From Another Platform

Expectation of the exported files and structure are listed below.  It amounts to a standard “production” format where we’ve listed the specific data fields for the associated DAT files in a second document.


Please select the option to export documents in native format.

Documents should be produced as multi-page documents where possible.  Splitting results into single pages is unnecessary for DWR; multipage documents avoid transportation and reassembly issues and should minimize time and cost in the export.

If a document was produced with multiple “Bates” numbers, a separate copy of each endorsed copy must be produced.  This is often best achieved with multiple volumes.

Structure of the export

Each export volume will contain the standard set of 4 folders:





The DATA folder contains the associated OPT and DAT file.

OPT and DAT file references should be relative the file.  Do not include absolute paths in the load files.

IMAGES and NATIVES hold the actual documents base on file type.

You should not exceed 1000 files per subdirectory within these folders.

Documents are named with a unique value which can be found within the OPT and DAT files.

TEXT files contain any OCR or extracted plain text.  It is understood that not all files will have an associated TEXT file.


The associated metadata for each file will appear in the DAT file of the volume.

The DAT file should be in UNICODE format.

Please do not include standard fields that are not included in the referenced list.

Under no circumstances include the OCR or body text within the .DAT file. They should be on disk in the associated TEXT folder.

If a DAT file has a hierarchical field, then the ‘>’ character servers as a level separator.  

DWR can handle combined Date and Time fields. Feel free to combine those fields if your system allows.

Please see link below for the explicit fields to export.  Please do not include additional information within the DAT file.

 If there is some deviation from what is a normal export for the platform, or if you have any specific question regarding the above, please do not hesitate send a note to the DWR support (support@digitalwarroom.com).

Link below to list of fields for DAT file.