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Review - Replace Documents

During the course of a litigation, times arise when a document in DWR needs to be replaced. Common examples are 

  • native files that were password protected being replaced with a version not protected
  • Excel native files which are redacted natively outside DWR
  • Pre-Production Images where an image is created outside DWR
  • received productions where the producing party is replacing a document (providing an unredacted copy)

To replace documents - select Replace Documents from the Review menu.


Select the version of document to be replaced:


  • Native document – this is the document seen on the Native tab of the Document Browser and originally processed 
  • Pre-production Image – this is the un-endorsed pdf image that seen in the image tab before it is endorsed
  • Produced Image – this is the endorsed image in a finalized production
  • OCR – this is the text associated with the document

After uploading the documents to be replaced to a location accessible to DWR, browse out to the folder holding the documents to be replaced:


The tool will identify possible matches for each document in the selected folder. The title of the source file (file to be added to DWR) must match on a DWR ID or Bates Number.  To be sure the titles match, copy the title from the exported document and replace the title of the new file to be exactly as exported.

Check the items to be replaced.

Shaded rows indicate source files which failed to match documents in Digital WarRoom.

Confirmation of this action is needed before proceeding.